Shaping Future Healthcare Quality Leaders

PQA is committed to producing the next generation of leaders in health care qualityPQA provides healthcare quality experience to students and graduates from a wide variety of disciplines. All students and early-career professionals gain valuable experience in healthcare quality, measure development and stewardship, research and education in a non-profit association setting. 

PQA Executive Fellowship
The PQA Postdoctoral Executive Fellowship serves to produce the next generation of leaders in healthcare quality through a full-time, 12-month program based in the thriving Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The Executive Fellow collaborates with a wide variety of stakeholders at a national level to impact the quality of care patients receive. The program’s foundation begins with the applicant’s interests to foster development of core skill sets in:

  • Project Management
  • Medication Use Quality Education
  • Quality Metric Design and Implementation
  • Non-profit Administration and Association Management
  • Healthcare Quality Research
Summer Executive Internship
The PQA Summer Executive Internship, sponsored by Pharmacy Quality Solutions (PQS), is a competitive, paid summer executive internship that provides experience in non-profit association management with an emphasis on healthcare quality and a focus on:
  • Member Communications
  • Education
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Medication Use Quality Strategic Initiatives

2023 PQA Healthcare Quality IQ (HQIQ) 
The PQA Healthcare Quality IQ (HQIQ) program teaches pharmacy students the basics of quality measurement and strategies to improve medication safety, adherence and appropriate use through Medication Use Quality (MUQ), a nationally accredited continuing education and certificate program. Sponsored by Pharmacy Quality Solutions (PQS), HQIQ provides students with more than 20 hours of specialized learning opportunities in quality. Students selected to participate in HQIQ through a self-nomination process receive scholarships to attend the PQA Annual Meeting, which includes a special four-hour MUQ training event. Additional educational and training activities follow the meeting. 

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiential (APPE) Rotation
PQA offers a competitive experiential rotation that provides opportunities in several focus areas, including:
  • Non-profit and Association Management 
  • Medication Use Quality Education
  • Member Communications
  • Research & Performance Measurement
MPH Practicum Program
PQA offers supervised applied practice experience opportunities to Master of Public Health (MPH) students seeking to fulfil their school’s MPH graduating requirements. Working from a national platform in the greater Washington, D.C. metro area, or remotely, MPH practicum students are immersed in the healthcare quality landscape with a focus on appropriate medication use, health equity, and patient experience. The program aims to foster development of skills in one or more of the following areas to support PQA’s mission to advance the quality of medication use:
  • Quality Measurement
  • Health Services Research and Policy Evaluation
  • Communications
  • Stakeholder Engagement 

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