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Join Forces with the Only Non-profit Organization Dedicated to the Development of Medication Use Quality Measures.

Organizational Membership

PQA membership is at an organization level. Member organizations appoint their team members, employees and representatives to participate in PQA work groups and represent their organization’s interests in the measure development and research processes.

Membership Dues

PQA membership dues are established on a sliding scale based on if an organization is a non-profit organization, for-profit corporation, community pharmacy retailer, government agency, or academic institution. E-mail us to discuss your organization’s membership dues.

Membership Dues Ask about Your Organization's Dues
Organization Type Basis of Dues Scale
Non-profit Organization Annual Operating Budget
For-profit Organization Annual U.S. Sales
Community Pharmacy Retailer Number of Stores
Government Agency No dues
Academic Institution Flat rate dues

Membership dues are based on a calendar year and can be pro-rated for organizations that join part of the way through the year.

Member Onboarding

After the submission of the membership application, organizations and their representatives will be paired with a PQA staff liaison to identify valuable engagement opportunities for the organization. Our process ensures organizations are connected with the right opportunities to meet organizational objectives.

Applying for Membership

The application for PQA membership is simple and straightforward. We require basic information about the organization and contact information for representatives. Membership dues payment is not due at the submission of the online application.

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